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Every Way Outcomes / notes from presentations

Group 2 addressed energy consumption and urban sprawl — Every Way Out became an awareness raising device to monitor energy performance of buildings in an urban setting. Initially set out to look at public buildings, the group moved onwards to … Continue reading

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Group 6 stuff

These are a collection of images that show work and idea’s we came up with during the week. *note, having issue with gallery not displaying. Will look into.

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An Honest Exchange?

Throughout the week we as a group have been discussing the ideas of self-expression, honesty, how people edit themselves for the benefit of others online and how the move towards solely electronic communication has eliminated the need for physical or … Continue reading

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Personal Afloats / from discussions w groups

recycling the structure element by element — one module might go to a primary school, another to a hospital etc acknowledgement of mental health as human resource travelators selective global warming weather control¬†geoengineering adjustable barriers vs barrier-free storage capacity (flood … Continue reading

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Group 10 – Billy Jean Panels

Group 10: Matthew Barry, Vincent Cahill, David Lennihan (Architecture) Fiona Barry (Fine Art) Sean Hamilton, Hazel O’Keeffe, Ricky Sweeney (Multimedia) Since day one our ideas chopped and changed regularly from musical instruments powered by the elements of the Irish weather … Continue reading

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day 4

day four started preety quickly with the consturction of a scale model made of foam board. with this modle we figured out crowd control and saftey, weighting it to the port how to deal with rain and runoff water. we … Continue reading

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Day Three Summary

Today we progressed even further with our idea. Researching architecture and building materials for inspiration. We looked to Architects like Daniel Libeskind and his Jewish Museum in Berlin for it’s grand and imposing style. When it came to materials, we … Continue reading

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Group 8 Members

Alder Cass Sarah Jane Daly Christabelle Geary Kevin McSweeney Terri McSweeney Lauren Murphy Gavin O’Regan Sean Quill

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day 3

on the thrid day we worked our notes into the idea of creating a vague representation of the city skyline. the arcitcture students drew out plans and layouts of the site to find out the structures best location. we alsow … Continue reading

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Initial concept

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