day 4

day four started preety quickly with the consturction of a scale model made of foam board. with this modle we figured out crowd control and saftey, weighting it to the port how to deal with rain and runoff water. we dcided to have the piece evole over the course of the mounth to show city growth and urban sprawl. the construction would take three phases, first off 1.5 meter square’s would be aranged in secure arangements, after a week of these pieces being on show the sceound phase would place 1 meter squares around the site developing the sturcture further. again after one week of display the site would evole nd sprawl with the addition of .5 meter pices. filling out the structre to a city like growth. photoshop photos were aslow workd on showing the piece at its intended site, along with the effects of the lighting on the work. more arctictural drwings were done from the model to work out its scale in relation to the site.

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