Group 10 – Billy Jean Panels

Group 10:

Matthew Barry, Vincent Cahill, David Lennihan (Architecture)
Fiona Barry (Fine Art)
Sean Hamilton, Hazel O’Keeffe, Ricky Sweeney (Multimedia)

Since day one our ideas chopped and changed regularly from musical instruments powered by the elements of the Irish weather relying entirely on engineering containing absolutely no technology, to an interactive playground for children where they could create their own sculpture out of miniature scale replicas of the elements in the actual sculpture.

On day four we have settled on a realistic idea. Which we think would be beneficial and entertaining for the public, spanning all age groups. We are basically turning the sculpture into an instrument where each panel is the key of a keyboard and when pressed a corresponding panel illuminates and creates a sound. As the sculpture will be quite large it would be impossible for one person to hit enough keys in good time to create a song, so many people have to work together to create a piece of music.

Today David created a model of the sculpture in Goolge SketchUp. Using Imovie he created a short video outlining how the panels on the sculpture light up in time with the music. The rest of the group created a physical model of the sculpture. We cut pieces of flexible card into squares and slotted the pieces together. With the use of LED lights we can show how the panels light up when corresponding panels are interacted with. The connection between panels can be done using proximity sensors that alter the sound based on the distance between them or tap tile (touch) sensors.


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