An Honest Exchange?

Throughout the week we as a group have been discussing the ideas of self-expression, honesty, how people edit themselves for the benefit of others online and how the move towards solely electronic communication has eliminated the need for physical or tactile communication.

With our project we want to build a forum for the public to express themselves openly and honestly, where they feel they can share thoughts and feelings that in a less anonymous environment, they might not otherwise share.

We seek to do this by creating a “physical dropbox”, the idea being that members of the public would enter here, into this enclosed, semi private space where paper and pens are provided, and could then  leave small items, drawings, doodles, secrets, dreams, anything, in what would act as a post box. At the end of each day an invigilator would come and place whatever had been left in the exhibition space, which also serves as the exit.


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