every way out is a collaborative project involving the creative fields of art and architecture. It proposes to produce an experimental architectural space that acts as a carrier of ideas. The project is led by partnership of artist Maud Cotter and Veronika Valk but incorporates ideas from the wider creative community. In Cork the project is support through the National Sculpture Factory, the Cork Centre for Architectural Education in University College Cork, and the Fine Art & Media Communications Departments in Cork Institute of Technology.

every way out‘ begins with the idea of a building made of laser cut repeated elements  echoing the writings of Friedrich Kiesler and Charles and Ray Eames’s. Its implementation  will allow for physical interaction and temporary habitation by its audience/participants.   Open in itself, it is inclusive in nature, every way out will be a place where one can sit, contemplate, and connect with a variety of ideas. In its material form it investigates the relational potential of a system as a process.

The purpose of this web blog is to support and document the collaborative process involved in bringing the project to fruition. The public inauguration of this process will begin with a symposium in September 2011 involving international speakers, workshops and presentations. This is intended to open the process to ideas generated through the wider  creative community, locally and internationally.

The week of 26.9._30.9.2011 will consist of Seminars & workshops  @ Cork School of Music & the Crawford College of Art & Design (Tax Office, Sullivan’s Quay).
This is a seminar & workshop that explores ideas that are sustainable in the public realm in 30 years time.

Projects of the students who participate @ the seminar and workshop in 2011, will mature for inclusion in Every Way Out, public art work on site in 2012 (subject to funding).

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