Original idea and emerging concept by artist Maud Cotter (Cork) & architect Veronika Valk (Tallinn), engineering consultant Christopher Southgate (Cork), lighting consultant Ian Bibby (ECOLED). Educational Partners CCAE, CCAD & CIT hold key positions in designing seminar & workshop.

Speakers include Andrew Clancy (Clancy Moore Architects), Mike Philips (Plymouth University), Trish Brennan (CCAD.), Seamus Harahan (artist, The Third Space Gallery) among others.

Participants include CCAD 3rd year, CCAE 3rd year, CIT Media and Communication 4th year students. 7 Students x 11 Collaborative Groups will be formed.

Supported by Cork City Council, academic partners CCAD, CCAE & CIT, the Natioanal Sculpture Factory & the Union of Estonian Architects.


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