Day Three Summary

Today we progressed even further with our idea. Researching architecture and building materials for inspiration. We looked to Architects like Daniel Libeskind and his Jewish Museum in Berlin for it’s grand and imposing style.

When it came to materials, we looked at the widest of ranges. Steel, Wood, Concrete, even Plastics.

NEVEL Moving Labyrinth

Finally with some help from Maud we explored the unusual material of reinforced cardboard, known as Re-Board.

I think the group is edging further away from the idea of a maze. However it’s is assured that our main focus will remain a physical social interaction.

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Group 8 Members

  • Alder Cass
  • Sarah Jane Daly
  • Christabelle Geary
  • Kevin McSweeney
  • Terri McSweeney
  • Lauren Murphy
  • Gavin O’Regan
  • Sean Quill
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day 3

on the thrid day we worked our notes into the idea of creating a vague representation of the city skyline. the arcitcture students drew out plans and layouts of the site to find out the structures best location. we alsow decided to display the citys energy consumption in a real time represntaion of lights. the intensity of the lights would increase alongside the amount of energy being consumed by cork city. the media student started working out what the easiest and cheapest way to do this was. after making a very rough modle out of cardboard we started to work out what materials we would use, figure out wind resistnce and how the structure would be held down and crowd maintance lyk direction of flow and how to get people to view it more than once.

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Initial concept

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day 2/ getin started

for the secound day we started with workshops on ditital technologies and then began brian storming on a feasible idea. the thought of lights reflecting on the water seemed preety atractive to every one in the group. ideas of the history of the docks and energy concerns aslow pop’d up.

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Day Two: Brainstorming!!

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day 1/ intro

for the frist day we basicly just got lectures till 1.00pm. going over veronica and maude’s work, and a few on arcitecture and new interactive technology. after lunch we were divided into groups were we started to thrash out ideas on the future and stuff. that was it realy

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The Idea

Our intended installation is an interactive audio-video piece. Broken up into several touch sensitive screens or boxes, by pressing one of these a user can cause a movement of colour and inserting an audio note. When a number of these screens have been pressed to trigger colour and audio on the main screen it creates a collaboration for the user(s) to enjoy.

This audio/visual on screen creation will cycle every minute, with users being constantly able to add to the sixty second piece. The likely unique combination of on screen colour and audio (at this point, hopefully something similar to music) will decay after an hour (an hour after the first user interaction created colour or audio), allowing a fresh piece to be created.

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Group 6 members.

Group 6 consists of:


Fine Art Members:

Elliot Rainy
Rose Neenan

Media Members:

Ryan McCarthy
Ken Kidney
Mitch Galavan

Architecture Members:
Brian Slater
Eoghan Horgan
Richard Stokes

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