[Wednesday: 21 March 2018 ]
Crawford College of Art Research Committee

The Crawford College of Art Research Subcommittee (CCAD_RSC) was established in 2010 through the Crawford College of Art & Design Board of Studies (CCAD_BoS). It is the first formal research committee to be established through the school's Board of Studies and reflects the growing recognition, internally and externally, for postgraduate research within the Creative Arts. The current committee will sit for the same duration as the current CCAD_BoS - a period of 3years - and reports its to the CCAD_BoS.

CCAD_RsC should also interface with the Institutes Postgraduate Research Board (PRB) and how the institutes strategic plan for research can help support research activities in the creative arts.

CCAD_RsC first convened on the 17th Nov 2010. After its first meeting the committee agreed to adopt the following terms of reference as a guide for its activities in the current period.

Terms of Reference

  1. Promote, develop and support research in art & design and new media.
  2. To identify the relevant local, national and international culture industry as it relates to postgraduate research interests in CCAD.
  3. Support research supervision through collaboration with the culture industry and academic partners.
  4. Stimulate interaction between undergraduate and postgraduate research projects.
  5. Stimulate interaction between postgraduate research projects and industry.
  6. Promote a structured approach to funding research in the area of art & design and new media.

Research Committee Membership

  • Debbie Dawson
  • Aoife Dorney
  • Paul Green (Chair)
  • Albert Walsh
  • Ann Wilson
  • Gráinne T. Young

News & Activities

SHARE Conference Aarhus: Artistic research, critical practices and contemporary cities
20th-21st June 2014 Aarhus Denmark.
The conference Artistic research, critical practices and contemporary cities seeks to bring together artistic researchers, spatial practitioners, architects, urbanists, planners, designers, artists of all disciplines, musicians, composers, performers, activists, community organisers and city-dwellers to consider the question of the contemporary city as a site of enquiry, debate and political and professional contestation.
See conference website for further details.


The Wandesford Quay Gallery operates as a showcase and publication space for art and design research activities. The full list of activities at the gallery can be found here.

Research Active Staff

If you are looking to identify a supervisor for your research project get a list of staff actively researching as part of formal research programmes and as part of their professional practice here.

The Crawford College of Art (CCAD) is a constituent school of the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) and creative arts research is supported by CIT through the CCAD.