E-mail verification tool : usefulness and guide to choice

The use of electronic mailboxes has become indispensable and popular throughout the world. This is made possible by the various uses to which e-mail addresses are put. However, some people find that their e-mail address changes suddenly. When this happens, their friends and family are unable to contact them by e-mail, as they do not know whether the old address is still working. To distinguish fictitious e-mails from real ones, e-mail address verification tools have been created. This publication will review the usefulness of these verification tools and the guide to choosing them.

Usefulness of e-mail verification tools

Email verification tools, like the one on https://captainverify.com/mail-tester.html, are tools that everyone should know about. The reason for this lies in their usefulness. You can have them as a complete software package and use them as you wish. Some of the useful features of these tools are :

Checking whether an e-mail is valid or not

E-mail addresses are easy to create and free of charge. So a single person can create as many as they like. However, some addresses are neglected by their owners, making them defective because the access password has certainly been forgotten. Sending a message to such an address would be a waste of time. 

Since the recipient will never be able to acknowledge receipt of such a message. With this in mind, it's a good idea to check the validity of the e-mail address using an appropriate verification tool. If the address is functional, you can use it. If not, just delete it from your database.

Successful marketing campaigns

If a company wants to stand up to the competition, it needs new partners and major customers. To achieve this, business leaders use marketing campaigns. This is an operation that involves sending products or any service within the company's remit to customers. To optimise this work and save time, companies select e-mail addresses en masse. In this way, they can send the message in a single click. However, there is no way of knowing whether an email is still active or not.

Under these conditions, companies are obliged to use email checkers. When they put these tools to good use, they are able to sort functional e-mails from those that are not. Once the database of functional addresses has been acquired, the prospecting message will be sent successfully. As a result, the marketing campaign will become a reality.

How to choose an e-mail verification tool

There are many tools in the world that can be used to check the validity or otherwise of e-mails. In view of this, it would be responsible to choose them according to appropriate criteria.

The confidentiality of the verifier

All the e-mail verifiers you choose have access to your electronic mailbox. At the same time, they can take a look at your personal data. This would be a huge danger for you. To avoid exposing you to this trap, the most professional verifiers guarantee their clients unprecedented confidentiality. To achieve this, the developers of verification tools make a setting that prevents the verifier from entering the customer's personal account.

For reasons of ethics and deontology, verification tools never distribute customers' e-mail addresses. As a result, emails are protected as many times as they can be verified on online verification software and platforms. What's more, some verification sites are able to tell you if your account is less protected in order to increase its level of security.

How to access the e-mail checker

Generally speaking, e-mail verification tools are open to everyone without distinction. Users don't have to pay anything if they choose the free checkers before any verification. All they need is an Internet connection to take advantage of these e-mail checkers. Similarly, some sites are functional without interest, which will make your various email verification jobs easier. However, the number of times you need to use some of these checkers is limited on some sites.

At the same time, the highly professional checkers are only available for a fee. You are free to choose the payment formula that the verification tool makes available to you. Access to other verifiers is subject to prior registration. At the same time, other verifiers do not require you to do anything. It's up to you to decide which one to choose, based on your objectives.

How email checkers work

Email verification tools have their own operating mode. Each verification tool provides Internet users with a dialogue box. It is in this dialogue box that you simply enter the email for which you want to know whether it is valid or not. Once you've done that, just click on the search button. In a few seconds, the data will be processed to tell you whether or not the email you entered is valid.

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