We Live by the River

Angelika Wittek ‘Shipping Traffic’ & Hiltrud Gauf ‘Swimmers’

June 14 – July 6

Cork and Cologne are twinned 25 years this year. To celebrate an exchange of art exhibitions are taking place: Backwater Artist Group members in The Rathaus, Cologne May 28 – June 10 and GEDOK Cologne members in CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery June 14 – July 6.   WE LIVE BY THE RIVER opens in CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery Friday June 14th at 6pm. The theme is ‘coming and going’ relating to the river. The exhibition will be opened by Deputy Lord Mayor, Joe Kavanagh.   Angelika Wittek, Beate Gördes and Hiltrud Gauf are the featured artists.  Wittek has created ‘Shipping Traffic’, an installation of 1000 paper boats are suspended from the ceiling of CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery. Gauf work in conceptual drawing, she has two series of drawings, ‘Swimmers’, done with charcoal on paper, which abstract the form of swimmers by framing sections of their bodies. Gauf also has delicate pencil drawings of the Rhine and the Tiber. Gördes is exhibiting several video pieces as well as a sound installation made up of sounds of Cologne city, a piece developed especially for this exhibition.   Maureen Considine, Tracy Fitzgerald, Jo Kelley, Susanne Leutenegger and Tony Magner of Backwater Artists Group exhibit at the Rathhaus in Cologne.   Curated by Tina Darb a Cork based curator, writer and artist. Part of the Cork Midsummer Festival programme.


Hiltrud Gauf ‘Swimmers’



Beate Gördes


Hiltrud Gauf