Ordinary Things

 November 13th – December 7th


Lorraine Neeson, The End, 2012


ordinary    adj. &  n.   adj. 1.  a regular, normal, customary, usual  (in the ordinary course of events)

 thing     n.  1. An object that one need not, cannot, or does not wish to give a specific name


November 13 th – December 7th

An Exhibition by Backwater Artists Group Members:






The work of the four artists, forms a connective dialogue through the use of the ordinary or recognised object, or motif.  Though there are differences of aim and materiality, the work connects in its use of the transformative to explore experience.

Brían Crotty re-appropriates imagery from film stills and edits them until they exist in a state of flux. He represents these images through painting to further expose the gap between the reality of the image and the event.


Jo Kelley paints her personal collection of things, which are central to the formation of her work. These include objects, toys, and ephemera that reflect Kelley’s interest in the transitory world of performance. They recreate fictional times, places and events.


Ben Reilly’s work is also focused on the idea of the found or collected object. He uses either the object directly or make’s a mould of it and casts it in wax.  The work at times has a dark element in terms of colour and weight but there is an underlying humour throughout.


Lorraine Neeson alters objects and inverts them to summon intrigue within surreal environments.  She uses sensory illusions to disrupt the spatial logic of these environments through the use of shadows, light, sound and reflections.



The winter exhibition by Backwater Artists group in CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery is an annual highlight in the gallery calendar. The exhibition will continue until December 7th


Ordinary Things was selected by a panel of selectors through a group open submission process within Backwater Artist Group.


The selectors comprised of two external working artists- Ailbhe Ní Bhrian and Dominic Fee and two studio holders- Deirdre O’Brien and Lorrainne