Bricks in the Rain

April – May 2013
Bricks in the Rain is a multidisciplinary exhibition of sculpture, film and archive which includes work by some of Ireland’s leading ceramic artists. It is curated by Hilary Morley and can be seen in Dublin and Cork in 2013.
‘Bricks in the Rain’ is a multi-media exhibition of ceramic sculpture, video art, sound sculpture, and archive.   It shows art objects, made here in Ireland by a group of renowned ceramic artists, namely Sara Flynn, Frances Lambe, Elaine Riordan, Kathleen Standen, Michael Moore, Peter Fulop, Alex Scott, Neil Read, Tina Byrne, Mandy Parslow, Laura O’Hagan, Sinéad Glynn, Kathleen Moroney, who went to China in 2011 on a five-week residency.

Well-known writer and critic Eleanor Flegg accompanied the group to China and recorded their experiences in a fascinating archive along with film-maker Andrew Standen-Raz.

Kathleen Standen

Kathleen Moroney


Frances Lambe

Peter Fulop

Peter Fulop


Eva Vogelsang

Christine Aschwanden, Fette Beute’ (Fat Booty)

Alex Scott

Alex Scott (Foreground) Tina Byrne (Background)


Sara Flynn


Frances Lambe


Laura O’Hagan