Exhibition at CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery

Things / Daiktai is an exhibition of  work made through an exchange project between 30 textiles students from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design (CCAD) and Kaunas Art Institute of Vilnius Academy of the Arts, Lithuania.


The students have been exchanging ideas over the past few months and have created work in response to the theme of ‘Things’ (or ‘Daiktai’ in Lithuanian).


Our world is increasingly a fabric of unregarded things:  the functional, the everyday and the ordinary objects of our lives. In this project these things have become clues for the students, to explore the culture and meaning of objects.

 Students created textile samples in response to an object which inspired them.  These samples were then exchanged with the partner students. This cultural exchange of textile samples was a starting point for the participants to explore the different interpretations and meanings of objects across the two cultures.

 The originating objects and some developmental studies  will inform finished textiles works in the exhibition ranging from sculptural and installation work to two dimensional work.


THINGS / DAIKTAI will be opened on Friday March 7th at 6pm by Prof. Lesley Millar, mbe, International Curator, Author, Educator


CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery

Wandesford Quay (Clarkes Bridge)

Cork City

EXHIBITION OPEN 8-21 MARCH, 2014 Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 6pm

To coincide with  a sumposium called MAKE by CIT Crawford College of Art and Design


More details to come