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6 – 28 February

In ‘Centred’ Ceramics Ireland celebrates the breadth of contemporary Irish ceramic practice. The number and quality of the individual submissions, 120 in total, has ensured the selection of a critical mass of exhibitors.

‘Centred’ showcases the work of 35, Irish and Ireland based makers, selected by an independent panel, working across the spectrum of clay practice from functional and decorative vessels, figurative to abstract sculpture to ephemeral and video installations.

The selected group includes the work of established makers like Frances Lambe, Nuala O’Donovan, Sara Flynn, Deirdre McLoughlin alongside makers who are embarking on their careers, Andrew Whitelaw, Gemma Dardis, Evelina Wojtowicz.

An exhibition that includes a functioning teapot as well as a concept based installation is very comfortable in its own skin, there is no sense of selection by intellectual hierarchy only by merit, which is a tribute to the exhibition selectors as well as the makers. The vapid art versus craft debate obviously has no place here. That is very healthy.’ Les Reed

This touring exhibition began at Farmleigh Gallery, Dublin and ran in conjunction with the International Academy of Ceramics, 46th General Assembly, Dublin Castle in September 2014. The exhibition was conceived by Ceramics Ireland to take advantage of the opportunity to promote the work of makers of and from Ireland to this distinguished international audience which was comprised of makers, collectors, writers and curators developing connections for Irish contemporary ceramics abroad. To mark the designated year of Irish Design 2015, Ceramics Ireland are bringing ‘Centred’ to CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery.

‘Centred’ features the work of several makers from Cork – Cormac Boydell, Nuala O’Donovan, Sara Flynn, Andrew Whitelaw, Kathleen Standen and Michael Flynn.

Cormac Boydell, Tina Byrne, Nuala Creed, Gemma Dardis, Jack Doherty, Isobel Egan, Eva Farkasova, Michael Flynn, Sara Flynn, Adam Frew, Peter Fulop, Jennifer Hickey, Sinead Glynn, Alison Kay, Christy Keeney, Frances Lambe, Andrew Ludick, Jane McCormick, Claire McLaughlin, Deirdre McLoughlin, Kathleen Moroney, Lucy Morrow, Ingrid Murphy, Nuala O’Donovan, Marcus O’Mahony, Mandy Parslow, Owen Quinlain, Neil Read, Alex Scott, Kate Standen, Grainne Watts, Katharine West, Andrew Whitelaw, Derek Wilson, Evelina Wojtowizc.

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