Abstract Reality | Sidarta Corral

Abstract Reality

Sidarta Corral
7 – 28 March 2015

CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery is pleased to present the first solo exhibition of Mexican photographer, Sidarta Corral. His Excellency Carlos Garcia de Alba Mexican Ambassador to Ireland will officially open the exhibition on Friday 6th March at 6pm. There will be a talk by the artist on 20 March at 6pm.

His body of work is an interpretation of nature and reality in an abstract way using a technique call ICM (intentional camera movement) creating images full of textures and colors, distorting what is in front of the camera making the result either completely abstract or with an impressionistic look, all with a pictorial style transmitting different feelings and sensations to the spectator making their imagination fly.

Sidarta Corral grew up on a family organic farm in Mexico, where he was surrounded by opportunities to capture images in the mist forest in the mountainous region of Veracruz. He studied photography with professors from Universidad Veracruzana, Mexico and has recently moved to Cork, Ireland and has received a distinction from Irish Photographic Federation (LIPF). Sidarta is a member of Cork Camera Group. This is his first solo exhibition in Ireland.

Artist Statement

I grew up very close to nature and one of my passions is just to be out there in the woods, mountains, and beach or in a park if I’m in the city and to take my camera with me.

For this project I did the same, I went out there, but with a different approach looking to give my images a more pictorial feeling but still using nature as my subject. This are all part of a series call Abstract Reality an ongoing project where I use the ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) technique the which consist in moving the camera during a long exposure creating blurs making the image abstract, full of texture and color.

Digital high quality images files printed on Canson Platine Fibre Rag paper with Archival Pigment Print and anti UV rays spray, guaranteed to last 150 years mounted in anti-acid cardboard mounts and wooden frames.

Event: Artist Talk by Sidarta Corral on 20 March at 6pm.

W: www.sidartacorralphotography.com | E: sidartacorralphotography@gmail.com