28 April – 20 May 2017
CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery and Elizabeth Fort, Cork City.

An exhibition of work by members of Backwater Artists Group.
Curated by Helen Farrell.

Investigations of place, transience and the intersections between human nature and nature are recurrent themes in the work of the artists in this exhibition. The two exhibition sites offer them the opportunity to challenge the physical space of the art gallery or to respond to spaces within the Fort, that once functioned as domestic dwellings, or facilitated other types of human interaction such as the Garda Station and Training Centre. As well as the sites within the complex of buildings within the courtyard of the Fort, the Air Raid Shelter close to the entrance, and the North West Parapet will also be used for site-specific work.

The two sites for the exhibition are in close proximity to each other and the CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery is directly adjacent to the Backwater Artists Studios and Cork Printmakers. Around the corner from these artists’ workspaces are the studios of Cork Artists Collective, which is across the road from CIT Crawford College of Art and Design (CIT CCAD). The founders of each of the artists’ workspaces and studios were all graduates of the CIT CCAD and a key aspect of this project is the collaborative support of CIT CCAD and the interaction with undergraduate students of the college. The students involved have been paired up with an exhibiting artist meeting with them on a regular basis to talk about their approach to the exhibition, the work they intend to make and to track the progress towards completion and presentation. During these regular meetings the students gain valuable insight into the thought processes as well as the real-world practicalities of being involved in a group exhibition and of working in a group studio environment.

This event can be seen as a celebration of the wealth of creative activity in the area that has steadily developed into a secure environment in which to establish a professional art practice. The support of local institutions such as CIT and Cork City Council have been instrumental in the establishment of these artists work and exhibition spaces that have in turn contributed to attracting new developments to this neighbourhood.

Selected artists for CIT Wandesford Quay Gallery:
Megan and Cassandra Eustace, Helen Horgan, Róisín Lewis, John Kent, Ben Reilly, Éilis Ni Fhaoláin, Luke Sisk.

Selected artists for Elizabeth Fort:
Johnny Bugler, Elaine Coakley, Tracy Fitzgerald, Sean Hanrahan, Angela Gilmour, Jo Kelley, Peter Martin, Gerard O’Callaghan, Helen O’Keeffe, Angie Shanahan, Darn Thorn.