I am a graduate from Crawford College of Art and Design and received a BA in painting in 2002.  I am currently undertaking a masters in Art and Process with CCAD.


Community Art Work

Since 2004 I have been working primarily in the community art sector.  I have worked with a wide variety of groups and ages, exploring many media and themes through the visual arts.  I was an arts worker with Mayfield Arts, Newbury House, Cork from  2008 – 2016 and have helped to develop and promote the work of the artists in CUIG (Creativity Unlimited, an Integrated Group).  This project aims to promote the rights and quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities.  I am also a part time tutor with Cork Education and Training Board (CETB), and have worked with community groups teaching a wide variety of courses, including drawing, painting, art and design, textiles, printmaking and mosaic.



More recently I have been experimenting with lenses and light through a variety of media, as part of the MA:AP.  This exploration is about light, vision and perception.  Please see ‘About my Work’ for further details on my current practice








Work prior to MA in Art and Process


A Selection of  Work 2013 – 2015

This series pays homage to the great masters; in the case of these paintings, Caravaggio.   They began as a personal challenge to improve my painting abilities and techniques.  Caravaggio’s use of chiaroscuro attracted me and  I have been toying with the idea of  embarking  on a series of paintings making use of the way light from technology illuminates the viewer.   With these paintings I wanted to highlight the complacent over-reliance on modern technology by incorporating modern paraphernalia such as mobile phones and computers into classical type renderings of various masterpieces.   The materials used for these paintings were slow drying acrylics on linen and cotton canvasses.

‘Status Update’ – Acrylic on Canvas, 2015, 71.3 x 86.2cm (after Caravaggio’s Crucifixion of Saint Peter)
John the Coder – Acrylic on canvas, 2015; 61 x 46cm (after Caravaggio’s Saint John the Baptist)
‘Jesus, Why won’t he just call’ – Acrylic on canvas 2014, 30.5 x 40.5cm (after Caravaggio’s Penitent Magdalene)
‘Where the feck is the ‘Any’ key’ – Acrylic on canvas, 2013, 51x61cm (after Caravaggio’s Saint Jerome in meditation)


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Selection of older work 2002 – 2005

A Selection of Commissioned Paintings

Sculptural Work


This is an example of my art based on the workings of vision, as well as incorporating subconscious dream like imagery.  They involve the use of lenses and other materials such as human hair, fiberglass, silicon, pins, acetate, mirrors and photography.  They are interactive pieces that require the viewer to engage with the object by peering through openings, lenses or peepholes, at which point they will see their own eye reflected back at them in an abstracted fashion or dream like imagery floating into their line of view.

F. eye sculpture

G. engaging with the eye

H. tall sculpture viewing

I. floating face in eye


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