General musings about my work – 12 weeks in

I feel that I have grounded myself in my research.  My work started as a scientific investigation of light and sight but has moved more towards cognition and perception.  I find myself drawn towards phenomena such as mediation and hallucinations, such as those  brought on by Charles Bonnet syndrome.  I am experimenting with installation to bring an  immersive quality to the work.   Video work and photography are the predominant tools that I seem to be using at the moment.  I am happy with the direction that my investigations are bringing me.  I would like to get in touch with sketching more during the summer, as I feel my back-up work is mainly photography and video at the moment and while there is nothing wrong with this, I feel that the direct and immersive nature of drawing will bring another element to the work.

I have meetings lined up with neuroscientists  as part of Placing Practice and I have emailed Dzochgen Beara, a Buddhist Retreat Centre in West Cork.  I am excited about the outcomes of these meetings and what layers they could add to my work.

I am looking forward to the summer semester and the paring back of my part-time jobs which should give me more time to dedicate to my studio work.  I feel that the act of writing the thesis will also help me formulate my thoughts in relation to my studio work.

Here’s to semester 2!