Anri Sala - Le Clash - still

Placing Practice with Jesse, May 10th

Placing Practice 10th May

Both myself and Vicky gave feedback on the group’s suggested artists which they felt were relevant to our work.

Vicky’s subject matter of artists who work with live animals proved to be quite emotive and I was surprised at myself at the strength of my revolution and how upset I was by some of the ‘art’.

Following  a break we watched ‘Nostalgia’ by Hollis Frampton, which was intriguing and distracting, as well as appealing to a wide range of our concerns and practices

Afterwards Jesse filled us in on what will be happening over the summer months and what happens in general in relation to Placing Practice and the autumn classes with her

  • one third of the Placing Practice marks go towards the report (May 10th)
  • two thirds of Placing Practice goes towards the presentation in September. This will be a report of the summer research and any conclusions reached.
  • This can take the form of documentation or a report .
  • Therefore, all placing practice activities should be concluded by the end of the summer in order to report back to the group
  • It should discuss what learning happened and what has shifted in the artwork as a result of these collaborations
  • Also important is how the other professional’s viewpoints as changed.
  • This will take the form of a 10 minute presentation and follow up questions


  • She also mentioned that we all should look up the work of artist Anri Sala 
Anri Sala - Le Clash - still
Anri Sala – Le Clash – still
  • In September, we will be doing the Productions module with Jesse.
  • This module will be about us as a group putting together the show and mediating the supporting material, which is usually a publication and or a video piece.
  • She advised that we visit as many exhibitions as possible over the summer and collect their supporting material like catalogues, posters etc
  • She advised that we visit EVA and be aware of the curatorial framework and the mediation material.
  • Think about what is our shared curatorial enquiry.
  • We will be expected to conduct a case study of a gallery that we visit.
  • Productions – shared space – ecology of our peers – what is our shared thesis curatorially
  • Basically, what is our shared framework
  • What are some of the ideas we care about as a group?
  • Think of our curatorial questions
  • Think of someone who could do a write up of our work -ie
  • – Dawn Williams, Stephen Brandes, Mac Pacer (?) etc
  • Niall Sweeney = designer
  • Proposition of shared critical (who is writing our crit.), curatorial (space, design) concerns
  • Curators to research – Tessa Gibbon – Charles Estia (?) – Allegra Presenti
  • – Stuart Commer – Stephen Kanes – curators for the moving image


  • Research a curator – track them